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Are you licensed and Insured in the state of Florida

yes we are licensed and insured, my license number is CBC059168

What size Screen do you use?

The most common type of screen in this industry is 18/14 mesh, under this standard there are 18 openings by 14 openings per square inch. 18/14 screen allows good airflow and visibility while providing protection from those pesky insects. The smallest mesh is 20/20 this means it has 20 openings per square inch, this is good for protection from no see-ums

What type of screen material do you use?

Primarily, we use Pheifer screens, they are the leading product maker in the screen industry. Woven from permanent glass yard and coated with a protective vinyl, these long lasting screens will not rust or corrode.

Are Screen Enclosures covered by Insurance?

It depends, if damage is caused from something other than a hurricane than yes, its possible that it may be covered under your insurance policy but some only offer coverage for the aluminum framework, but not the material itself. Although, most insurance companies will not cover your cage if it is destroyed by a hurricane.

Does your enclosure block the sun?

Patio screens can block out some of the Sun's harmful UV Rays depending on which screen type you choose for your patio. They can also help keep your patio up to 15' cooler. Sun Control Screens are available with various degrees of protection against harmful rays, they vary in protection blocking anywhere from 30' to 95' of the solar rays.

Can you extend my existing Screen Room?

In most cases your existing screen room can be extended, we add additional framing to the existing structure.

What is the cost of the screen enclosure?

The cost of your screen enclosure depends on many factors- size, type of foundation and screen material chosen. Contact us today for your free no-obligation estimate, 352-404-9205

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